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At Bradford Speaks Life Management we believe that the world's Youth is one of the most important assets we must take into account when we think of constructing a better and more harmonious world for them to inherit. A knowledgeable, wise, intelligent and politically engaged Youth has always been central to the change a nation or society would undergo. Today is no different, and investing in our youth is not negotiable! The world is moving fast, and if we don't equip them in such a way to keep up, their world will evolve into one that is unrecognizable in a couple of decades. Therefore, time is of the essence.

In an effort to support the development of true and genuine leaders within the ranks of our Youth, we have developed a platform for addressing them directly with a Call to Action mentality that will awaken them to the possibilities of their fullest potential, and the responsibility they inherently have to their communities and society as a whole. We challenge and encourage them to take an active role in the direction of their generation and its critically important place in the ongoing story of our world. 

Bradford Speaks is an incredibly articulate, dynamic, and awe-inspiring speaker, who possesses great passion and an uncanny ability to connect with audiences and individuals in a very intimate and personal way. He engages and captivates young listeners through the creative art of storytelling, much of which is based around his own upbringing and experiences as an adolescent moving into adulthood. He integrates music as a means of communication, mixed in with a taste of pop humor, seasoned with Love, to engage the unconscious minds of audiences.

Coach Speaks’ personal and business experiences have culminated nicely to produce in him a fascinating Public Speaker and artful facilitator, masterfully crafting his gift with an extemporaneous style that allows him to uniquely connect with today’s Youth, as well as audiences of all ages, cultures, and walks of life.

Youth Perspectives


Youth Perspectives is a Youth-centric agenda, primarily focused on the rearing of a Wise, Intelligent and Highly Aware (W.I.H.A.) generation – a free-thinking Youth that is not afraid to ask the question “Why”. Coach Speaks believes that asking “Why” is a critical element for designing and constructing a safe, peaceful, and sustainable way of life on our planet; it is a basic and vital element for humanity's long-term survival. Why is arguably the most powerful word within language itself - most valuable for eliciting constructive dialogue. Also arguably, the second most powerful is the word "No". No is so powerful because with a single word we are able to clearly communicate our agreement or disagreement on decisions that are made on our behalf, which possess the potential to negatively affect ourselves, as well as the whole of our species. Learning to say NO is mission critical. 

Youth Perspectives’ philosophy revolves around five key ingredients that promote quantum growth and maturity: 1) Freedom of Thought, 2) Self Love & Acceptance, 3) Self Value & Awareness, 4) Service to Others, and 5) the Power of Belief. It also encourages the re-learning of a heavier reliance upon the Intuition – which is the seat of all Wisdom and the basis for critical analysis and sound decision making. Teaching our youth how to listen with their hearts – as well as their minds and ears – is vitally important for the conscious development of a wise and intelligent Youth.

Forgiveness and Acceptance - these are two main traits that precede the authentic experience of love. Students learn how to sustain healthy, quality relationships in their lives - both with themselves and with others - by implementing these two simple actions. Coach Speaks’ words and actions motivate and inspire our Youth to take a more responsible, yet fun approach to achieving their own internal happiness, success, and overall well-being, as opposed to waiting for and depending on others to supply it for them.

Students also learn the importance of loving and caring for themselves at a high level so they may build the strength and character to do the same with others. Coach Speaks nudges them with kindness to adopt the mindset and actions necessary to take control of their own destiny, while providing them with tools to transform their lives and drive it in whatever direction they so desire.

Youth Perspectives Weekend Workshops offer a wonderfully interactive and highly effective way to integrate educational learning with practical life experience via role play and modeling. By creating a safe, non-toxic and non-judgmental environment, young and blossoming Life Players are able to conduct real dialogue around important peer pressure driven situations they face in their daily lives. In these one or two-day Workshops, Coach Speaks addresses Pop Culture - its creation and utilization by the main stream to negatively navigate the direction of our future society through the manipulative targeting of our youth. This psychological operation (psy-op) is discussed in great detail, as it is the primary tool of choice in engineering the acceptance of cultural creations which violate the principles of Natural Law and what is ecologically good for all. 

Coach Speaks utilizes humor, art, entertainment, language, drama, pop culture and music to connect his facilitations to real life scenarios confronted by our youth. It is a life-changing experience they will not soon forget!

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Animated & Humorous

"I know that humor is one of the most effective ways to 'break the ice' with a new audience. To that end, my funny and animated personality come in handy in my storytelling approach; I am able to connect with audiences and build a level of trust which enables a message of inspiration and empowerment to penetrate the minds and hearts of the captive audience." - Coach Speaks  
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Caring & engaged 

"Sincerity is one thing I do not take for granted. If you are not sincerely genuine and authentic, children will sniff it out in a minute! It is very important that they feel a authentic sense of caring radiating from me. I want the best for them, and it is extremely important that this comes across in all of my interactions with them." - Coach Speaks
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"I'm 'ole school', as some call it. As the son of a mother who taught in the Louisiana public school system for 35 years, I learned the importance of demanding and commanding respect. We don't have to like each other, but it is imperative that we respect one another. This is a principle that I live by, and I won't compromise it for anyone. When young people know that you care and are real with them, they will respect you all the more." - Coach Speaks

A Message to Our Youth -

You're Awesome: Walk in Your Greatness!


The World Needs a Wise & Intelligent Youth


Coach Speaks Protests with Students at UCLA