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In 2013, Bradford Speaks coined the term 'Life Architect'. After working with a number of clients during his first year of Coaching, he began to see his work as an art form. Similar to the work of an Architect who designs buildings, his art form would relate to the designing of lives.

The goal of our services is to assist Life Players to tap into their own power source to carefully and consciously design a Life Blueprint from which to build the life they desire. As a Life Architect, Coach Speaks works with clients to improve their performance on the big stage of life, by collaboratively conceptionalizing, designing, and guiding them in the construction process of the life they envision themselves living. One could say that he specializes in the business of 'life remodeling'.

What Is Life Architecture

Bradford Speaks Life Management’s coaching philosophy and strategies for transformation are hinged heavily around love, as well the solicitation of emotional and psychological shifts within the client that can reshape their model of the world and bring about rapid change. Love can be a vigorous catalyst for change, and a deeper understanding of it can - in numerous ways - jettison one's life into positive motion. 

In addition to belief, destructive habits and behaviors form patterns that become latent and unnoticeable to the Life Player over time, and can present major hinderances to their progress toward becoming their best self, and obtaining happiness and success in life. Coach Speaks aids his clients to identify these undesired habits and patterns, replacing them with new, more desirable ones. Thus, rocketing them toward a more compelling future. Client and Coach work together in a ferocious effort to effectively close the gap between who and where the client is today, and who and where they want to be in their future timeline. 


Youth speaking & youth Perspectives

At Bradford Speaks Life Management we believe that our Youth is one of the most important factors to consider when we imagine what our future timeline looks like going forward as a species. In modern times, an active, enlightened, and politically engaged Youth has always been at the center of change in any society. Today is no different, and investing in our Youth is not negotiable! 

In an effort to support the development of true and genuine leaders within the ranks of our youth, we have developed a platform for addressing them directly with a 'Call to Action' mentality that will awaken them to the possibilities of their fullest potential, and the responsibility they inherently have to their communities and fellow man. We challenge them to take an active role in the direction of their generation and its critical importance in the ongoing story of our world. 

Bradford Speaks is an incredibly articulate, dynamic, and awe-inspiring speaker, who possesses great passion and an uncanny ability to connect with audiences and individuals in a very intimate and personal way. He engages and captivates young listeners through the creative art of storytelling, much of which is based around his own upbringing and experiences as an adolescent moving through to adulthood. He integrates music as a means of communication, mixed in with a taste of pop culture and humor, seasoned with Love to engage the unconscious mind of audiences.

Coach Speaks’ personal and business experiences have culminated nicely to produce in him a fascinating Public Speaker and artful facilitator, masterfully crafting his gift and extemporaneous style to uniquely connect with today’s Youth, as well as audiences of all ages, cultures, and walks of life.

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