The Company

Bradford Speaks Life Management.


Bradford Speaks Life Management was founded in mid 2012, with the purest intent of serving those individuals and organizations seeking to enhance and enrich the quality of their lives and overall performance through the discovery of the potential for greatness residing within.

Since its inception the company has invested heavily in the acquisition and development of a range of skills and tools to best aid its clients in achieving significant life transformation. After a decade and a half as a Sales & Marketing leader and coach, he decided to take his show on the road, putting those skills to use to effect positive change in the world by impacting the life of the individual.

"Though a former athlete and avid sports lover I never had a particularly strong desire to coach after finishing my career as a player, however, I have always loved coaching people in other areas of life - family life, friendships, work relationships, child rearing, or simply encouraging strangers I have briefly encountered. 

My passion for helping others to see the greatness within themselves is what brought about the birth of Bradford Speaks Life Management. An ability to build and nurture high-quality relationships is a key factor for living life at the highest level. This is an area that many struggle with in the Technology Age we live in today. I realized that there was a great need within my immediate community, as well as the world at large.

The methods we utilize in the transformation process are designed to render far more than just coaching, but the co-development of a life roadmap, a blueprint for clients to follow that will take their life to new heights.
We also have a youth that is struggling terribly to make sense of a crazy world; they really need more of us, and now more than ever!" 
- Bradford Speaks

Coach Speaks utilizes a blend of personal and practical life experience, as well as acquired wisdom - paired with cutting-edge transformational and behavioral change techniques - to bring about accelerated change in the client's life. Emerging discoveries in the field of Neurology and psychology have shown that new neurological pathways can be created inside the brain by methods of communicating directly with the unconscious, which is where all behavioral change occurs. These newly created pathways broaden the individual's ability to access an expanded range of choices from which to select in the decision-making processes that drive life's direction. 

Neuro Linguistics Programming (NLP), Neuro Design Engineering (NDE), and Transformational Hypnotherapy are a few of the techniques that may be used to spark accelerated shifts in an individual's thought, belief systems, and behavior patterns. This widening of available choices can drastically modify life's trajectory onto a more positive and desired path.