The COach


Coach Bradford Speaks has been in and around the realm of coaching others for decades, but didn't quite credit it as such. His love for seeing the 'light bulb come on' for others was always present. Even as a youngster he would seek out opportunities to help his teammates master their playbook for sports competition; he would help his classmates with their work and homework assignments and test preparation, just so he could experience the pleasure of being a part of their success. He was also a great source of encouragement, inspiration and motivation to all those residing within and without his immediate sphere of  influence. 

Coach Speaks' desire to collaborate with groups and individuals to aid in the transformation process of their own lives into something far greater than what is currently experienced - to see them finally gain traction in areas where they had been previously stuck - has always provided him with the deepest of satisfaction. All of this made his move into Coaching and Life Architecture an extremely natural career progression.  

After a decade and a half as a Sales & Marketing leader, Coach Speaks decided to take his show on the road, putting his skills and desire to serve to work in hopes of effecting positive change in the world by impacting the life of the individual through the enhancement of their understanding of the world around them and their place in it.

Though a former athlete and avid sports lover, I never had a particularly strong interest in coaching after my career as a player was complete, however, I have always loved coaching people in other areas of life - family life, friendships, work relationships, child rearing, or simply encouraging strangers I encounter briefly. 
My passion for helping others to see the greatness within themselves is what brought about the birth of Bradford Speaks Life Management. An ability to build and nurture high-quality relationships is a key factor for living life at optimum levels. This is an area that many struggle in today, living in this high Technology Age that we do. At some point I realized that there was a great need for more intimate communication and interrelating within my immediate community, as well as the world at large. The abuse and misuse of technology is destroying our relationships, and we desperately need to curtail our dependence upon it.

- Bradford Speaks

We also have a youth that is struggling terribly to make sense of a crazy world; they really need more of us, and now more than ever! 

- Bradford Speaks