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40 CCs of Inspiration

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Inspirational Injections with Bradford Speaks

Finally! So many Inspirational Injections with Bradford Speaks™ subscribers have inquired as to when I would put together a compilation of the inspirational quotes and commentary I have been sharing since starting Bradford Speaks Life Management. Well I heard you all loud and clear! The time has come, and I have published my very first book! I am ecstatic to share such a monumental moment in our history with you all!

40 CCs of Inspiration: Inspirational Injections with Bradford Speaks is the title of this inaugural publication. For those of you who have subscribed to these inspirational nuggets over the last few years, you know exactly what these are all about! For those who have not yet subscribed - first of all, take a moment and click here and start getting your injections now! Ok. Now that you've subscribed, here is what you can expect.

CC is the abbreviation for Cubic Centimeter. One (1) CC is equivalent to one (1) Milliliter (mL). Liquid medicines are often measured using this particular method. Inspirational Injections with Bradford Speaks are a kind of “medicine” for humanity, in that they are loaded with uplifting, motivating, enlightening, and healing content. Each one is specifically designed to compel readers to live life to the fullest, and without regret; to tap into the potential for greatness that is already alive inside. These doses of positivity will raise your vibration, brighten your energy, and lift your spirits when you're feeling down. They will cause you to take notice of, and find ways to appreciate the enormous and beautiful strangeness that surrounds you each day. 

This book contains 40 of my most popular and inspiring Injections, accompanied by a colorful and naturalistic collection of photographs and nurturing commentary scribed by yours truly.

Your continued love and support are greatly appreciated!


Book cover artwork by Guillermo Reyes