Not long ago, Coach Speaks heard a staggering and disturbing statistic regarding divorce rates in Orange County, California, which is where he resided at the time... 

A colleague of his who works in Social Services in Orange County, told him that divorce rates in that particular county are hovering around 68%, and that was as of 2013. Needless to say, he nearly fell out of his chair! Through additional research, he would discover that this was a nationwide epidemic - the massacre of the nuclear family unit in America.

The title of Love & Relationships is broad, and can be a bit misleading. When most see it they immediately think it is centered on keeping marriages or strictly romantic relationships in tact. While true, it is also incomplete. Relationship Coaching - much like Life Performance Coaching - is centered around discovering the best You possible. By perfecting the most important relationship of all - the one between you and YOU - clients are empowered to place themselves in the best possible position to successfully pursue, build, and exist in whole and loving relationships in every area of their lives - family, professional or romantic. 

As one who has been married and divorced, Coach Speaks has immersed himself heavily into becoming an Subject Matter Expert in this area. He has spent countless hours reading, researching, and studying, to first understand the reasons why his own marriage didn't last a lifetime as he hoped and believed it would; and secondly - to unearth why some relationships work well and last long-term, while others do not. The only clear cut answers he discovered may absolutely shock you, but you'll have to schedule your FREE 30-minute Coaching Huddle to find out what those discoveries were. :)    

Coach Speaks also offers Infinite Couples Coaching, which enables couples to affordably engage in coaching together as a unit. Huddles are, however, occasionally exclusive to the individual.