Life Performance


The journey towards performing your chosen roles in life at the highest level, begins with You.

Life Performance Coaching confronts the management of the Life Player’s/client's performance in every aspect of life.  This includes the unforeseen obstacles that can pose traumatic stress in our lives, thereby spilling over and negatively affecting our health, relationships, jobs/careers, families, and many other areas. 

Every new client begins their first Coaching Huddle by taking a look within themselves - what they like and what they don't like; what they would like to change, and how they envision those changes positively impacting their performance. 

We take an intense look into the individual's life history, evaluating several key areas to determine where to focus our work.  what adjustments need to be made to optimize performance in the areas deemed deficient, then deploy the appropriate methods.

Being clear on what you want is mission critical when it comes to life remodels. Clients will leave the very first meeting with a clear understanding of the work at hand, and that the only person we are here to improve is them. This is their demolition and re-design, and no one else's.  

No decisions or major changes are ever done without considerable thought, nor without the full and conscious consent of the client.